quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2009

Hoje vou a esta

Hoje la estarei no Crane Lane para esta festa. Devo dizer que a descricao me ganhou quase no primeiro paragrafo. Aproveito para aconselhar este espaco a todos aqueles que um dia se percam e venham ter a Cork.

Boutique Baroque
'A sinister celebration of Darque Burlesque with live vaudeville ROCK music, risqué dance and all manner of gloomy eccentricities'. Ever wondered what would happen if you mix any Tim Burton film with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, add some Pixies rock and Ziggy Stardust glam and give it all a spin with a naughty burlesque twist?

The result is the birth of a magical, mysterious and melodramatic Boutique BaROQUE! On Thursday March 26th in Cork's Crane Lane Theatre, an extraordinary selection of obscure artists will provide all night entertainment that will leave you quiver with delight for days. Black Sookie from Northern Ireland is going to hypnotise you on to the dancefloor with their Acid Big-Band, Boneyard Boogie and Vaudeville Swing Rock. Think Ed Wood and Bugsy Malone dancing the Charleston in Kazakhstan and you're almost there! At midnight the demons come out with Dj Savage Mantle, playing a dark but danceable mix of The Smiths, Joy Division and The Cure, to name but a few. In the meantime, Augustus is going to astonish you with his creepy contortion act, while your darkest desires will be triggered by our femmes fatales Miss Sparky, The Flintstones and Lady Von Envie. Also don't forget to keep your sins for confession with Sister Fellatia Polyramia as her helpers Cruella de Laceration, & Irishisis will surely know how to administer the appropriate penance! Hosted by the devilish Ms Dahlia Rose & Harold Offeh, there will never be a dull moment! Dress to impress and rock the night away in your black corset, kinky boots, KISS make-up and snake leather pants. Discover your darque side!

PS: Nao se assustem, juro que nao tenho calcas com padrao pele de cobra...

Feicfidh mé thú

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